We introduced our Values Education in 2011. This approach helps children to think about and demonstrate important human values and is a core component of our PSHCE curriculum and collective worship. We believe it is important to impart high standards of behaviour and morals to our pupils. We have adopted and developed a system of support for our pupils called Values Education. Basically what happens is we focus on one core value every month and promote activities that help our pupils understand its significance to their daily life. This is an approach that has been developed by Dr Neil Hawkes and is being used successfully in many primary schools across the country. Each month the whole school focuses on a core human value as part of their work. The value is used as a theme for assemblies, is discussed in PSHE, RE and other lessons as appropriate, is displayed in the school and is modelled by staff. Children are encouraged to demonstrate the value and schools celebrate success. We have decided that Values Education will effectively support our existing approaches to PSHE and behaviour management and we will be promoting a separate value each month over the next 2 years. Some of these will be taken directly from the Values Education approach and some will be those suggested by the Church of England. This reflects our commitment to a rounded education in which we hope our children will excel both academically and personally. We know that this approach works best with parental support and we are asking for you to find time each week to discuss the “Value Question” that will be set in each week’s newsletter as a family. This could be done over breakfast, before bedtime in the car or on a walk. We hope that you will agree that the values we have chosen will help you as well as our school in bring up our children to be responsible well-adjusted citizens.
Values for 2016/2017
Month September October November December January February March April May June July  Value Honesty Thankfulness Love Patience Resilience Co-operation Compassion Understanding Responsibility Caring Thoughtfulness
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